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Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP)

Access to travel

Accessibility see Accessible transportation

Accessible transportation - see also:

Accidents - see also:

Acts and regulations - see also:

Acts and regulations - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Aerodrome Safety

Aeronautics Act

AIM - Aeronautical Information Manual

Air - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Air bag safety see also:

Air cargo - see also:

Air offices

Air Policy

Air pollution

Air shows


Air safety

Air transportation

Aircraft certification

Aircraft liens

Aircraft sale

Aircraft maintenance engineers licence

Aircraft maintenance and manufacturing

Aircraft noise

Aircraft registration and leasing

Airline complaint

Airline restructuring

Airport Authorities

Airport and Port Programs

Airport security clearances - see Security clearance


Airports Capital Assistance Program (ACAP)

Airworthiness directives

Airworthiness notices (ANs)

Airworthiness standards

Amateur-built aircraft

Atlantic Region

Anti-lock braking systems (ABS)

Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative

Audit and Advisory Services

Automobile recalls and defects

Aviation Learning Services

Aviation Occupational Health & Safety

Aviation Safety Policy

Aviation security

Aviation weather information

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Baggage checklist

Boating safety course providers

Boating Safety Office - see Office of Boating Safety


Budget (most recent)

Business Aviation

Bus data

Bus safety

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Cabin safety standards

Cabin Security Enhancement Contribution Program

Canada Highway and Border Policy

Canada Marine Act

Canada Port Authorities

Canada Shipping Act, 2001

Canada's Gateways

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)

Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) Act Review

Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs)

Canadian Aviation Safety Seminar (CASS)

Canadian Coast Guard (CCG)

Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC)

Canadian Rural Partnership

Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA)

Canadian Vehicle Survey


Car Time 1-2-3-4 see also:

Cargo - see:


Cell phones and driving

Certification standards

Change in ownership,  or control of the Canadian section of an international bridge or tunnel.

Child restraint systems on aircraft

Child safety in the car

Civil aircraft register

Civil Aviation

Civil Aviation Contingency Operations (CACO)

Civil Aviation Medical Examiners Handbook

Civil Aviation Medical (CAM) examiners

Civil Aviation publications

Civil Aviation Secretariat

Clear Language Regulations - Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Commercial and Business Aviation - (Civil Aviation - Dangerous Goods)

Complaint - see:

Contact - see:

Construction of a new international bridge or tunnel - IBTA guidelines

Contaminated sites

Continuing airworthiness

Corporate - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Corporate Planning and Reporting

Corporate Services

Corporate Services Directorates and Branches

Corporate Services Organizational Chart

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Dangerous Goods - see also:

Departmental Evaluation Reports

Departmental Evaluation Services

Departmental Performance Report (DPR) 2007-2008 Updated version

Deputy Minister

Disclosure of Contracts

Disclosure of Grants and Contributions

Disclosure of Position Reclassifications

Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

Documentation Framework

Drinking and driving

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ecoACTION - see also:

Economic Analysis

Electronic Collection of Air Transportation Statistics (ECATS)

Emergency Beacon Registry

Emergency Response Assistance Plan

Emergency Response - CANUTEC

Emergency Response Guidebook

Employment opportunities

Enforcement - Aviation enforcement

Enhancing transportation security

Environment - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Environmental Affairs

Environmental programs see also:

Environmental protection

ERAPS - Emergency Response Assistance Plans

Evaluation Reports

Executive Services

Exporting a vehicle to the United States

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Federal Accountability Act and Action Plan

Ferry accessibility

Finance and Administration

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Flight 2010

Flight crew examinations

Flight instruction

Flight instructor refresher courses

Flight training and flight testing

Flying schools

Forms Catalogue

Freight Efficiency

Freight Policy

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - see:

Fuel Consumption Program

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Gateway Connects

Government of Canada initiatives see:

Guide to Benefit-Cost Analysis in Transport Canada

Guideline for inspecting and testing preemption of interconnected traffic control signals & railway crossing warning systems

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Highway and Border Policy

Highway programs - see Surface Infrastructures Programs - Highways

How to protect children in vehicles with side air bags

How to select a means of containment

Human Resources

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IM/IT at Transport Canada

IM/IT Environment 2008/2009

IM/IT References

IM/IT Reports

IM/IT Strategic/Investment Plan FY 2007/08 - FY 2010/11 Vendor Version

Identification/marking your vessel

Importing a vehicle into Canada

In-flight safety for persons with disabilities

Infrastructure Canada

Integrated Human Resource Plan

Intelligent transportation systems

Intercity Bus Code of Practice

Internal Audit Reports

International Bridges and Tunnels Act Guidelines

International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons (TRANSED)

International Aviation

International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Code

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Licenses - see:

Life jacket standards

Luggage (Passengers)

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Maintenance Engineers

Management Services (Civil Aviation)

Marine - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Marine Accidents

Marine offices

Marine personnel standards and pilotage

Marine Policy and Programs

Marine Safety

Marine Safety offices

Marine Safety publications

Marine Security - see also:

Marine Security Contribution Program

Marine Services On-line

Means of Containment

Media contacts

Media Room


Montreal's New Harbourfront

Motor Carrier Policy

Motor Carriers

Motor Vehicle Safety Act

Moving On Sustainable Transportation (MOST)

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National aircraft certification

National Airports Policy

National Operations (Civil Aviation)

Navigable Waters Protection Program

Navigation safety & radio communications

National Capital Commission's (NCC) Mandate Review

Noise management and land use

NOTIP (National Organization Transition Implementation Project)

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Office of Boating Safety

Office of Crown Corporation Governance

Office of Reconsideration

Offices - see also:

Online storefront and e-billing website

Ontario Region

Operation Lifesaver

Operator List Search (OLS)

Organizations providing dangerous goods training

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Pacific Region

Partnership website - Detroit River International Crossing Project

Parliamentary Secretary

Passenger rail car accessibility and terms and conditions of carriage by rail of persons with disabilities

Passenger's luggage

Permits for equivalent of safety

Personal Vehicles Initiative - see ecoACTION

Personnel licensing

Pilot Examiner Program

Pilot Examiner Manual

Pilot licence


Pleasure craft licensing

Policy - see also:

Policy and Regulatory Services (Civil Aviation)

Port Divestiture Program

Port State Control

Port transfers

Prairie and Northern Region

Procedures and conditions for eliminating whistling at public crossings

Program Activity Architecture 2009-2010

Programs - see also:

Provincial and territorial government links

PSTAR exam

Public Appointments

Publications see also:

Public port fees

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Quebec Region

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Rail - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Rail accidents

Rail bridges

Rail freight

Rail offices

Rail Safety - see also:

Railway Safety Act

Railway Safety Act Review

Railway safety policy

Recreational aviation

Recruitment initiatives

Regions - see:

Report on Plans and Priorities 2009-2010

Reports - see:

Results-Based Management Overview

Road - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Road offices

Road Safety - see also:

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Safe Boating Guide

Safe travel in a booster seat

Safe travel in a seat belt

Safety - see:

Safety and Security

Sale of aircraft, various aircraft parts

School bus safety

Security - see:

Ship registration

Ship Safety Bulletins

Small Vessel Monitoring and Inspection Program (SVMIP)

Small vessels

Speech from the Throne

Smashed: information on drinking and driving

Snow tires - see:

Standards (Civil Aviation)

Statistics - see Transportation Statistics

Strategic Plan for Transportation Safety and Security

Student and Youth Programs

Surface Infrastructure Programs

Surface Transportation Policy

Sustainable transportation - see also:

System safety

(Civil Aviation)
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Technology and Information Management Services

Tire safety

Training - Flight training

Training schools

Training services - Aviation

TRANSED - see International Conference on Mobility and Transport for Elderly and Disabled Persons

Transport Canada's Departmental Performance Report

Transport Canada Library

Transportation Development Centre (TDC)

Transportation Development Centre Publications

Transportation accidents

Transportation and Industrial Relations Issues Related to the Movement of Containers at British Columbia Lower Mainland Ports

Transport of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Directorate

Transport of Dangerous Goods Publications

Transportation reports - see also:

Truck data

Truck freight

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Urban transit studies

Urban Transportation Showcase Program

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Vehicle recalls and defects

Vehicle safety

Vessel Registration Query System

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Web Service Difficulty Reporting System (WSDRS)

Windsor Gateway Project

Winter driving information

Winter tire safety tips

World Maritime Day

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Zoning - see Aeronautics Act