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Aircraft Registration and Leasing
The services available at this website are provided by the Aircraft Registration and Leasing Division within the General Aviation Branch of Transport Canada.
These services include:
Search the Civil Aircraft Register Database - Current and History: Extensive search inquiry application intended to provide basic aircraft registration information on civilian aircraft registered in Canada. Queries are extracted directly from the official database. Should you have any questions or comments, please click Contact Us.
Search for available marks that are available for reservation.
Statistical information for imported and exported aircraft, numbers of aircraft in Canada by category and region, and national year-end summaries of the Register.
Download the Civil Aircraft Register - Allows the user to download a copy of the Canadian Civil Aircraft Register file in ACSII text format.
Display the results of the Service Level Standards for the past six months for aircraft removals, CAR 203 leasing authorizations and registrations.
Also from this website Canadian manufacturers who have been authorized, can access to the Manufacturers' Production marks site.
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