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National Collision Database Online

Transport Canada has undertaken to release a subset of its National Collision Database (NCDB) – a database containing all police-reported motor vehicle collisions on public roads in Canada. Selected variables (data elements) relating to fatal and injury collisions for the collisions from 1999 to the most recent available data are now accessible through NCDB Online.

With NCDB Online you select years, your variables of interest, and measures (counts). A table is produced that can be viewed, printed or downloaded.

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Important Notice: The tables generated by the NCDB are provided as is. Transport Canada cannot guarantee that information provided by third parties is up-to-date or accurate, or that it is suitable for a particular purpose.


  • 1-800-333-0371 (long distance, Canada)
  • 1-613-998-8616 (Ottawa region and from other countries)
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Only national statistics are available on this web site. If you require provincial or territorial statistics, please consult the following list for the contact in each jurisdiction:

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