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National Collision Database Online FAQs

  1. What is NCDB Online?

    The National Collision Database (NCDB) is a set of data on reportable motor vehicle collisions that occurred on public roads in Canada. The provinces and territories, who own the data, provide it to the federal government. The federal government combines the data and tracks the number of deaths, injuries and collisions in Canada. The data are also used for reporting and analysis.

    The NCDB Online is a tool that allows people to request national-level data from a subset of the NCDB data.

  2. What kind of information can I find?

    NCDB Online contains Canadian national collision data. It does not include personal data or data that will allow a person to determine the location of the collision. The data fields are divided into three categories:

    • Collision-related (e.g. when the collision occurred, the road condition, and the severity of the collision);
    • Vehicle-related (e.g. the number of vehicles involved and the vehicle type); and
    • Person-related (e.g. age, gender, type of road user, and injury severity).
  3. Who can use NCDB Online?

    In line with Canada's commitment to open government and open data, NCDB Online is used by the general public, researchers, governments and other parties with an interest in road safety to obtain routine data, without depending on third parties.

  4. How to use the NCDB Online?

    To start, click on the shaded box titled 'Start NCDB Online'. The tool will guide you through the four-step process of creating a custom query. The steps are:

    1. Select Variables;
    2. Select Items;
    3. Set Table Layout; and
    4. View Table.

    The underlying data are also available at

  5. Who can I contact for more information?

    For problems that cannot be solved through the on-line help or the tutorial, you may request additional support by email ( For provincial or territorial data questions, please refer to the NCDB Online homepage to obtain contact information.

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